The RECIPE for friendship

At our school assembly last week, we were all learning about following a recipe. Mr Beach chose  teachers who then chose students, to come up and make chocolate cake. 
Two of the three teams didn't follow the recipe correctly so their cake didn't turn out as well as the other cake.  Our school recipe is something that makes the school a safe and more fun environment. Each letter in the word RECIPE stands for a special word: Respect, Excellence, Compassion, Integrity, Passion, and Enjoyment. 

That day was also International Talk Like A Pirate Day! 

What would a good recipe for friendship be?

By Hannah


  1. I wish we had talk like a pirate day. I think I have a good pirate axent. If we had talk like a pirate day I would end up saying arg alot I bet it was so much fun.Did you do anything difforent other than talk like a pirate?

    1. Hello There

      We did not really do much only the year 1, 2 and maybe 3 got to dress up and do pirate stuff but year 4, 5 and 6 just had normal classes and we only got to wear our uniforms, but the day was still fun but not in a pirate way. The fun thing was the chocolate cakes and seeing how they turned out and the faces of the people when they tasted them

      What would you do if you were here?


  2. international talk like a pirate day sounds really fun.

  3. I think a good friendship recipe would be a chocolate chip sprinkle brownies. YUM!!!

  4. Cool! I love cooking. At school we have C.A.R.E.S. which sounds a lot like R.E.C.I.P.E. Did you get to eat the cake?

    1. Hello,

      C.A.R.E.S sounds very close to RECIPE, A few students and teachers where the judges, So no only 6 lucky people got to try the chocolate cake!
      2 of the chocolate cakes where made missing a few ingredients!

      We had this assembly to show if you don't follow the recipe things could go wrong like missing ingredients in 2 of the 3 chocolate cakes!
      Do you like chocolate cake? I know I do!!!

      Make sure to come back and visit again!


  5. The younger children dressed up but year 6 did not do much different than usual for Pirate Day.
    Year 6 did not eat the cake but there was two cakes that did not follow the right RECIPE and the RECIPE for our school is Respect, Excellence,Communication, Integrity,Passionate, Enjoyable enviroment.

    Thank You for sending comment

  6. We sadly didn't get to eat the cake but it was a lot of fun watching them make it. What does C.A.R.E.S stand for at your school?

    But the main point of the assembly was to learn that if you didn't follow the recipe then things could go horribly wrong!

    Make sure you come back again and visit


  7. Thank you for visiting our blog and sadly not many of us got to eat any cake and we really liked the assembly but I was pretty sure someone in year 6 got to try some cake.The R.E.C.I.P.E stands for Respect,Excellence.Comunication,Integrity,Passionate and EnjoyableEnviorment. and why don't you check some other posts - we really enjoy visitors!