TechKids Ready For Action!

Mr Lowe would like to announce that the TechKids are recruited, and ready for action!

At Nexus, the TechKids are super important because they model appropriate use of the technology around school but they also mentor other learners and even help out teachers! They come from Years 4, 5 and 6 and after interviews, they are invited to join. This year we have 16 TechKids and more are joining every week! The TechKids represent a wide variety of interests from swimming to music to art to maths and more. They are quite good at a range of technology tools but they are really great at teaching, modelling and helping others.

Soon, our TechKids will be presenting some Tech stuff to the teachers at an upcoming staff meeting as part of their "Presenting" achievement badge.

Welcome to TechKids!

TechKids at Nexus Term 1 2014 with Mr. Bolton

The coveted red lanyard :)
Thinking about your learning, what do you know how to do well? Why is it important to share your understanding?


  1. Cool, I love the name " Tech Kids " ! Wow, they even have their own badges! You have a really cool classroom!

  2. Hello,

    Tech Kids have a big responsibility in our school and all of the Tech Kids have been really helpful and deserve there lanyard!

    Come back!


  3. Hello,

    Yes the lanyard is cool and i love the name too it was fun to have the meetings and to help everybody with technology and learn new webpages and try to learn new websites and teach others how to use them

    What would you do if you where in Tech kids