TechKids at Nexus

The TechKids have returned for their second year at Nexus and had their first group meeting where we explored and learndd about Doodlecast Pro and other exciting apps. The TechKids wll be welcoming new members after the interviews are complete next week! We can hardly wait to start supporting other learners and teachers in their use of technology throughout the Primary School. Here are a few pictures of the TKs at work today, as well as supporting learners new to Nexus get training on Google Drive! A great demonstration of the Learner Profile Attitudes of Cooperation, Empathy and Enthusiasm - Great Job!



  1. I like your classroom! It looks so comfortable. I wish my classroom was that comfortable. All the comfy couches , chairs . You guys even have tablets and my classroom doe not even have those. Your class looks so new you class looks NOTHING like my class , i also like your picture and that color green on you walls i love that i have never seen that kind of green where I live. I
    wonder what color green that is. Is it Lime i really want to know! Well anyways I like all of your ideas for your class they are ANONYMOUS!!!!! I like your uniforms also.

    1. If you go on this link http://www.colorpicker.com/A6F73B we had a look on this website and we think that this could be the color that you thought our classroom was.

  2. It looks like you are having fun. Is that a tablet that you are holding? Your classroom looks pretty big. The posters behind you look pretty good. It looks like you guys took your time. Those coaches you are sitting on looks pretty comfy.