On Tuesday 23rd of September, Class 6B did a fun activity. They studied “hooks” and how to “hook” readers. Hooks are basically things that you add to your writing to make it more interesting to readers. You have 6 hooks to use, and you can use any of these hooks in your writing to make what you are writing more interesting for your readers. These 6 hooks are;

    •    description 

    •    opinion 

    •    statistic

    •    question 

    •    interesting fact 

    •    quote

Year 6 learners were asked to cut and glue lots of paper slips, that had sentences printed on them. These sentences were taken from reading books. The slips were sorted into one of the  6 types of hooks and pasted into their English books.

It was challenging and fun but in the end, they all got it.

Thanks Maya.

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  1. wear a mustash day.Thats so fun:). Our school should have more cool days like that! What other days do you have.We have a day where kids dress like teachers and vise versa. Also slipper day.