Language Arts - Recounts of Events

During this term we have been learning about recounts. We have learned the important things that we need to add to a recount. Like the orientation (who, what, when, where, why). All the verbs have to be past tense. We have to include sensory detail to make the reader feel like he/she was actually there. We also have to include our feelings about what happened. 

Making a poster showing the key features of a recount.

In a recount, what is the most important feature to you?


  1. What are recounts? I like how you are working hard in the picture. I think recounts are that you count backwards maybe.

    Mackynzie in KC

    1. Hi Mackynzie,

      Thanks for commenting. Recounts are events that happened in the past that you are writing about and you write it all from the past.

      Have you done recounts before?