The Tempest by William Shakespeare

At Nexus, all of the Year 6 learners are performing a play called ‘The Tempest’.

The story was written by William Shakespeare. In the Tempest, a magician, Prospero and his daughter Miranda, have been stuck on an island for 12 years when the people who plotted his end, King Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian is spotted by the island. Prospero creates a tempest causing the ship to wreck. Later the magician acknowledged his mistakes and becomes kinder.

All the Year 6s have to do the play by ourselves with only a bit of teacher’s help. We have to bring in our own costumes and memorize song lyrics and lines.

So far, the Year 6’s have been practicing the songs, all very fitting for the scenes, and practicing our lines. At the speed we’re going at, we all feel confident and creative while for preparing the play.


The Tempest Saturday Rehearsal

The year 6 learners have shown their fantastic commitment and integrity by coming in for a Saturday rehearsal of the Year 5 and 6 production of Shakespeare's, The Tempest.
Wonderful effort by all the principals and supporting cast. Dramatic stuff and heart warming moments!

Great job everyone!

In the wings,  principals enjoy a quiet giggle...

Sailors ready for action!

The band and Miss Linda
The Hobgoblins doing their thing!


Climbathon 2015

On 5th May Nexus International School Singapore organized a fundraiser to support the people in Nepal that have been affected by the massive and devastating earthquake near Katmandu, the capital.

The fundraiser was called the “Climbathon.” The Climbathon was basically walking all around the school which felt like going to Nepal and hiking one of the many mountains. Also every lap we walked, teachers from the school drew a line on our arm to tally how many laps we walked.

Although the Climbathon was tiring and hot everyone kept going even if they were worn-out because we knew it was for a good cause. Before the Climbathon the teachers told us the rules and talked us through the event so we knew what we needed to do.

After the Climbathon everyone felt contented with a deep sense of satisfaction because they knew they had done their best to help people in need. We haven’t been told yet how far we actually walked altogether or what our cumulative altitude was, so we’re looking forward to finding out soon.

Taking Action - Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake 25/04/2015

Nepal has had a major earthquake which caused lots of deaths, injuries and damage on homes. The earthquake was by the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. People are struggling to salvage what they’ve got and it will be hard for them the next few months. Lots of organizations from many different countries are working towards helping Nepal.
Nexus School has recently been solving this problem by donating coins for our own ‘Nepal Coin Challenge.’ Students had to collect all their coins and bring them into school for charity and later make them into a long trail.
Nexus managed to collect $8000SGD!

Editor's Update: It is being reported that there has been another earthquake in Nepal. Our thoughts go out to all those who are suffering terrible hardship there now. Please consider making a donation to legitimate organisations supporting those in need in Nepal.


Stage 3 Sorting Out: What's Important? What's Interesting?

Stage 3:What do we do with our information?

In stage 3 of our Exhibition Process we were focusing on ‘Sorting Out’.

We asked ourselves what to do with our information. We were also asked to evaluate how our information was connected and to show this on our Exhibition board. We had to think in depth into the concepts and how we could display everything together to show our learning journey.
Several of of us were making posters and presentations to display our information.
by The Year 6 Blogging Team


Finding out: What is it all about?

Our Year 6 classes have just started their second stage of the inquiry process: Finding out.  They have worked very hard over the last couple of weeks identify the issues that they would like to investigate further and decide on research questions, based on four of the PYP Key Concepts.  Now, they are all set to go forward with finding the answers to their questions.

They have also created note-taking guides to help them along as they find information that they think might be useful for answering their concept/research questions.


Exhibition Journey - Checkpoint one

Well done to all our learners. You have cleared the first hurdle along your Exhibition Journey.

The 'Tuning in' stage is now complete....

You are now ready to start 'Finding out' and researching your Key Questions.
Have fun! Before you start 'Finding out', remember to reflect on the first stage on the blog.

What were some of the initial challenges that you faced in your Exhibition group? 
How did you overcome your initial challenges?