Climbathon 2015

On 5th May Nexus International School Singapore organized a fundraiser to support the people in Nepal that have been affected by the massive and devastating earthquake near Katmandu, the capital.

The fundraiser was called the “Climbathon.” The Climbathon was basically walking all around the school which felt like going to Nepal and hiking one of the many mountains. Also every lap we walked, teachers from the school drew a line on our arm to tally how many laps we walked.

Although the Climbathon was tiring and hot everyone kept going even if they were worn-out because we knew it was for a good cause. Before the Climbathon the teachers told us the rules and talked us through the event so we knew what we needed to do.

After the Climbathon everyone felt contented with a deep sense of satisfaction because they knew they had done their best to help people in need. We haven’t been told yet how far we actually walked altogether or what our cumulative altitude was, so we’re looking forward to finding out soon.

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  1. I'm so happy and I ran eight times around the school, I am happy, my mom said:"it is a lot!" I raised eighteen dollars so I'm happy!
    -Jessica 6B