The Tempest by William Shakespeare

At Nexus, all of the Year 6 learners are performing a play called ‘The Tempest’.

The story was written by William Shakespeare. In the Tempest, a magician, Prospero and his daughter Miranda, have been stuck on an island for 12 years when the people who plotted his end, King Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian is spotted by the island. Prospero creates a tempest causing the ship to wreck. Later the magician acknowledged his mistakes and becomes kinder.

All the Year 6s have to do the play by ourselves with only a bit of teacher’s help. We have to bring in our own costumes and memorize song lyrics and lines.

So far, the Year 6’s have been practicing the songs, all very fitting for the scenes, and practicing our lines. At the speed we’re going at, we all feel confident and creative while for preparing the play.


  1. Hi
    The year 5 and year 6 students are busy practicing our songs and the script, we had a very busy day on saturday. We felt so tired but we enjoyed the singing and the talking. My favourite part is Jack said, "but I didn't say a word" because it is extremely funny. My favourite song is the drinking song.

  2. Hi,

    My name is Daisy and I was in the Yr 5 and 6 production of The Tempest.

    So far the Tempest has been a blast with awesome songs, characters, effects, hair styles, makeup, costumes and many more amazing things to go along with it.

    I played the Bosun. I have found it VERY fun so far, The Bosun is like the 2nd incharge of the ship. The best thing is I get to drive the ship (well kinda) I appear in the first scene, another scene for a fun dance to do with having a little drink and at the end for taking the cast home and my bows.

    My two favourite characters are Prospero- he is a magical wizard who has a daughter called Mirinda. My other favourite character is Caliban- He is the island monster and a slave to Prospero, he wishes to be king but, well you can find out for yourself.

    I love Caliban's Song because it is Jazz and makes me feel good and I always want to dance to it. My other favourite song is Ding Dong I really like the lyrics and I love the tune.

    Oh I almost forgot, We had a prefromance on Wednesday and we have one on firday too!

    By The Way- The Tempest is a Shakespeare play with a lot of rhyming!

    Thanks for reading- Daisy

  3. Hi

    I am Isabella
    I was part of the year5&6 production and we had our first performance yesterday on Wednesday in front of the parents.When we first started with The Tempest I thught it was going to be really boring but it turned out to be really really fun. Everything went really well and there was a few minor mistakes but over all the show was amzing and the audience really enjoyed themselves. We have all really enjoyed working on The Tempest.One of my favourite characters was Caliban because he was the island slave and he was just a really good character!

    In the play I played the part of Giovanna who helped King Alonso to find is son that had been in a shipwreck.

    We also have another performance on Friday for another lot of parents,Which will be just as exciting!


  4. Hi,
    I thought the extra practice paid off because yesterday was our first show which went really well. Also after the show i started getting nerves for Friday because my parents are coming and also I was so nerves at the start because I thought something was going to go wrong which didn't happen. Also i was wrong because everything was good.


  5. The Tempest production was on Wednesday and Friday. Most of the teachers, parents, and the secondary students came and watched our production. The production was about 1 hour and a half. After the production, we all felt proud and the teachers who helped us were a hero in the Tempest show. It was a short production for 2 weeks but we still had fun during the practice

  6. Hi,
    Yesterday, the 20th of May, we had our real performance for the play, 'The Tempest'.
    Everyone was enjoying the show.
    The parents and the audience were very proud of us and very impressed.
    And the performers ( year 6 and 5) were very proud for themselves.
    I hope on Friday, we improve on our show.