Taking Action - Nepal Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake 25/04/2015

Nepal has had a major earthquake which caused lots of deaths, injuries and damage on homes. The earthquake was by the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. People are struggling to salvage what they’ve got and it will be hard for them the next few months. Lots of organizations from many different countries are working towards helping Nepal.
Nexus School has recently been solving this problem by donating coins for our own ‘Nepal Coin Challenge.’ Students had to collect all their coins and bring them into school for charity and later make them into a long trail.
Nexus managed to collect $8000SGD!

Editor's Update: It is being reported that there has been another earthquake in Nepal. Our thoughts go out to all those who are suffering terrible hardship there now. Please consider making a donation to legitimate organisations supporting those in need in Nepal.

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  1. All the students brought their money and we put the coins all around the school. The secondary students helped us to count the coins and to help putting the coins. The amount of the total coin was $8000SD. We were glad to see the work that we've done and cooperated so we felt proud.