Finding out: What is it all about?

Our Year 6 classes have just started their second stage of the inquiry process: Finding out.  They have worked very hard over the last couple of weeks identify the issues that they would like to investigate further and decide on research questions, based on four of the PYP Key Concepts.  Now, they are all set to go forward with finding the answers to their questions.

They have also created note-taking guides to help them along as they find information that they think might be useful for answering their concept/research questions.


  1. We had trouble deciding on and writing our lines of inquiry.
    We tried by ourselves but were finding it very difficult so we got a teacher to help us with ideas.
    What we found really challenging was deciding on our inquiry and writing questions that would get useful information.

    Mostly settling into our new group, we overcame it by thinking really hard and deeply communicate, and cooperate with our group.

    Sally, Emma, Miko, Kristian and James (3)

  2. We also do inquiry at Worser Bay School. Ours is called "What is in your backyard?"

    Please add to this presentation and share your view with us bit.ly/1Cb1CLx


    Nicola (Worser Bay School, Wellington, New Zealand)

  3. Cool and hope year 6 all stars have fun on kidblog.

  4. I would think that "Finding Out" could be hard but interesting. Are there any fun activities that you guys do? Any gamers or experiments for "Finding Out"? -Roseta2494.

    1. At first we playing the Exhibition challenge , we help each other , and we finish the mission together , i think this is the most interesting part . We understand what is teamwork , we help each others and care each other .

  5. I use google translate to help me if I have the word that I don't know.


  6. I love the paper so much

    1. In our exhibition we used the paper a lot.
      We used it to gather information of our lines of inquiry and them sort it out.
      It was very helpful in our exhibition and we could keep a lot of our information with us.
      - Alexi