Our Exhibition gets into Full Gear - Exhibition Amazing Race

What an awesome start to our Exhibition 2015. Our groups completed the Transdisciplinary Amazing Race in their newly formed exhibition groups. All our activities were provided by the Single Subject specialists (Art, Music, PE, Languages and Library) and were made to develop both our collaboration and understanding of the PYP Key Concepts.


  1. Hello,
    My name is Mathgirl. I loved your video it was super fun! Do you that normaly?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for leaving a comment Mathgirl,

      This was kind of a warm up for what we had coming for us in our Yr 6 exhibition, our exhibition is basically everything we learnt in primary in to one big thing. So to answer your question we don't do this normally. The activities where to test our team as a group. For example we had a volleyball game when there was 2 people on either side of the net and they had to throw a ball so each side could catch the ball in there blanket.
      This was a fun experince that got us working.

      Thank you,
      Daisy 6B

    2. Hi
      We had to participate in our exhibition to learn transdisplinary skills and to learn how to improve our cooperation skills. I need to work together to complete the exhibition challenge, we do that only in year 6.

      Do you have an exhibition in your school?


    3. Hi,
      Everyone in year 6 wish that we could do that every day, but unfortunately we cant.
      The game is very challenging because you have to cooperate with the other side.

  2. I think that the volley ball game was cool because we never played it before and it looked like the girls that where playing were having fun.

  3. That is cool.
    From 10jukedyou#

  4. Wow now that's what I would call teamwork.

  5. Wow it's awesome what you do in gym class. I probably couldn't throw ball that well with a sheet.

  6. I liked your video. Especially the part in the beginning where there were 4 girls and you had like a net and a ball with clothes and you threw and caught it. Nice work!