Exhibition Journey - Checkpoint one

Well done to all our learners. You have cleared the first hurdle along your Exhibition Journey.

The 'Tuning in' stage is now complete....

You are now ready to start 'Finding out' and researching your Key Questions.
Have fun! Before you start 'Finding out', remember to reflect on the first stage on the blog.

What were some of the initial challenges that you faced in your Exhibition group? 
How did you overcome your initial challenges?


  1. An initial challenge was to find the correct information.
    We overcame the initial challenge by four of us going to different websites and finding different information If most of us got the same information, that will be the information our group was using.

    Andrew,Robin,Ziyi,Max (Team M)

  2. We think that our initial challenge was trying to work together. Why? Because at first most of us didn't know each other so it got kind of awkward while trying to talk/discuss with one another. We overcame our situation pretty quickly, so we had no problem becoming friends by talking and joking around, so we got to know each other.
    Another challenge we overcame was the fact that none of us had much in common, so we tried to co-operate with each other. That turned out to be pretty good and now all of us have an idea on what the other would have said but not in a way where we would rudely interrupt each other in and out of sentences.

    Fraser, Jenny, Maya and Eric (Group N)

    1. Another challenge for our group is that I and Eric are still learning English, so there will be word that we don't understand, so we need to co-operate to let us all understand it. Jenny

  3. Some challenges that we faced in the tuning in process was deciding what our topic should be for our inquiry. It was hard finding a topic that relates to the central idea and a topic that we are all interested in. Deciding what our lines of inquiry should be, was difficult as well, It was difficult because we needed to find the questions that where related to the central idea and make sense. To overcome our challenges we had to keep working hard and not give up no matter what.

    Daniel, Matthew, Jihooh, Gary, (Group L)

  4. Our group had a bit of a struggle at first, at some point each of us got distracted but in the end (after a few arguments and some help from a teacher ) we got it sorted out.

    By Hugo, Tanya, Jack, Benji and Bella, group number 8.

  5. Hi Year 6! We're Group D (Charlotte, Daisy, Emilia, and Johnson). We're inquiring into Human Rights for Foreigners in Singapore. The hardest part so far, has been picking a topic. Originally, we were going to do trade, but it was too broad, so our teachers helped us to refocus a little closer in.

  6. When we had just started our exhibition we had to choose one topic to inquire into. We kept arguing on what topic to choose because we all thought that we had better ideas than each other. We were able to start communicating properly that helped us realise that we all had to decide on one together and we chose poaching in the ocean of whales and sharks. When chose we got lots of work done.
    James V, Piper, William, Nathan. ( group G)

  7. We just had to work as a team and let everyone say their opinion. We often found ourselves off-task but we noticed this and reminded ourselves to focus. We didn't cooperate a lot of times but we eventually got along the longer we worked together.
    We worked together and co-operated together and so we can finish the exhibition challenge. Working together is hard, because sometimes our ideas are very different, and we only occasionally help each other but if we work together we will finish the challenge.

    Markus, Angel, Xavier and Megan (Group J/10)