Terracotta Figurines

Not too long ago, the Art Department heard about an artist who had created a vast number of terracotta figurines.
Using that as inspiration, almost the entire population of the primary school set about creating our own "Nexus Field" in C Pod. It is now finished, and it looks great!
There are about 700 figurines altogether including children and teachers. Can you work out which one is Mr. William's? Those who know me well will spot it straight away!
I am not great at making sculptures in any medium but it was great fun even when the arms kept falling off!
Thanks to Ms Meher and the rest of the Art Department!


  1. :0 that is a lot of them!!! :0

  2. That sounds like fun I wish I could have been there to see it. Come visit us at driving in 4th.

  3. That sounds very cool since I'm an artist. They looked so fun to make. I don't know how you made so many.

    1. We managed to make so many sculptures because all the students at our school helped make one each. It took us about 2 or maybe three lessons for us to finish one. The sculpture you make was supposed to be yourself, I had a backpack and a macbook. I thought it was very fun being creative making yourself into a sculpture.

  4. It was a really fun experience and we all enjoyed making them we only had to weeks to do this task which sounds like a lot but its really not. Even the teachers made there own and they all looked really good!

  5. That sounds really fun. I don't think our teacher would ever let us do that.