Advertising - How We Express Ourselves

We are inquiring into how advertising  influences our beliefs and behaviours. Part of our Tuning In was to use QR codes to look at and try to work out the messages the advertisements were sending us as well as who was their target audience. We looked at about 20 QR Codes altogether.
The codes were split into two groups, one group with the text and company edited out and the other group had all of the text and advertiser's name included.

We started by looking at the group without the text and then, after we tried to work out the message, we looked at the second group. We thought about how having the text, and not having the text, made a difference to how we interpreted the ads and their messages.


  1. WOW!!!! That sounds cool! I don't think my teacher will ever think of that

  2. Hi
    I like doing this activity so to see a fun advertisement which will convince people to buy your product.

  3. Hi
    I liked doing this activity so we can see fun advertisement which will convince people to buy your product.

  4. Wow. My teacher would never ever let us do that.

  5. That sounds vary interesting and cool. I would love to do that at my school.

  6. I once did that at a daycare of something, and I remember it was pretty fun. Do you think you'll do more of it in the future? I remember that when I was "advertising" I was doing it about pink hats or something... *laughs* Hope you guys had fun~ -Roseta2494

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for commenting on our blog. We have done it a lot so it was fun except for parts when groups where groups had disagreements. You did advertising too that sounds like you had fun. Well after the advertising unit we did social systems which was a lot of fun and we did a lot more in that one because it was out final exhibition.


  7. We had lots of fun when we did the QR code challenge.It was hard to find all of it,we had to works as a team and try to get clues where the QR codes are.I really enjoyed doing it.

  8. I wish I could be in a race. I love running.

  9. Hi.
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