Happy New Year! Time to Dance!

  First day of school after a long holiday year, 4 came to our class to talk about their new dance club.They meet every Wednesday during lunch. 
The club is open to everybody so anybody can join in. This dance was really fun and we danced to a lot of songs like “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift, “Timber” By Pitbull Featuring Ke$a and a lot more. 
The whole point of this dance is to get you moving and have fun. It’s a great thing to get together with people who like to listen to good music and dance. This was after P.E (Gymnastics) and we were so tired but we did it and enjoyed it a lot. Although it made us even more tired - it was worth it!


  1. Nice story, well at least you guys had fun and had a good workout.

  2. wow your school seem really fun do you guys do all fun stuff like every day do they even teach you anything because if they don't teach you anything it is cool but at the same time it is not cool. I would love to be at a school that would at last be a little fun just a little because my brain hurts when i get out of school. anyways that is cool.

  3. Thanks, We do do math and language arts and P.E and all that stuff we just had the year 4's come in to show us their CCA see if we wanted to join it. We do still have fun but we are lerning at the same time which makes it fun.

  4. Hi.
    In school,we do maths,language arts,unit of inquiry,music,languages,PE, swimming and visual arts.Some Year 4 students have dance club. They dance every Wednesday during Lunch time every week.They started doing it after we finished doing gymnastics for PE.