Wind Powered Cars

For the Year 3 assembly, we mixed it up a bit and used the technology we had in school to help us out.

For a change, the only classes in the auditorium were Year 3 and Year 4! All the other classes were linked using Google Hangout and we were set a challenge by Mr Beach, in the auditorium over the video link. In our classes, we had to help our younger partners to build a wind powered car with the materials that were provided.

We had a great time watching the other classes in the Auditorium and classrooms as we all worked on our own models. There was a live video link to the "roaving reporters" as well so as we built, we saw and heard what was going on in other classes. There were some issues with the sound sometimes but it was great fun and all the groups managed to build their cars and show them over the video link to all the other classes.
Here are some images from the event.


  1. Hi
    I liked doing a special activity because is fun, challenging and can help your creative skills get better.

    Do you feel fun of doing the balloon car activity?

  2. That sounds vary interesting and fun. I would love to make a wind powered car.