The Argument Game!

Recently, as part of our Unit of Inquiry "How We Express Ourselves" we played a fun game called "The Argument Game."

Two players will need a die and a game board. On the game board are lots of statements which could be debated (or argued over). Some are quite funny such as "Homework is good for you" and "Dogs make better pets than cats." There are about 36 statements altogether in a grid. Player 1 will roll the die and then pick any column and then counts the number of squares down that column. They then read the statement and Player 1 must support the statement, while Player 2 must disagree. The two players debate and then swap and repeat the process but Player 2 plays from left to right along the grid.

It was great fun and players definitely had to demonstrate some Learner Profile Attitudes and Characteristics (such as creativity and being open-minded) when they had to argue against something they actually agreed with!


  1. Did anyone yell at there partner?:|

    1. Nobody shouted at there partners because we are all friends.

  2. I love arguing so I would like that.