Miss Helen's "Green Fingers"

Ms. Helen’s CCA (“Green Fingers”) is actually not just working on one cottage garden, but two! One in the Kindergarten area and another opposite the fish pond. But - what is a cottage garden? A cottage garden is a small garden where you would plant vegetables - sometimes herbs and fruits - to use in your cooking.

“Green Fingers” hope to use their vegetables in the cafeteria for lunch, and maybe for a cooking CCA - one that is still to be created.

I would suggest that, Nexus could hold a fundraiser to sell the plants, perhaps donate them to charities and certain year groups could even have a nature study! 

The flower beds are still being made, and “Green Fingers” have not yet gotten on to planting. Still, we look forward to witnessing the development of the gardens and all the opportunities they will provide Nexus!

    •    Charlotte


  1. Is that in the back of your school

  2. What kind of veggies are you going to plant?

  3. Wow! That was a very educational post and I liked hearing about your garden. I wish that we had a garden to learn about and plant with at our school . We could learn about gardening in Language Arts! This post has inspired me to do many things although I do plant at my house ,but maybe I could tell our principal about this post and we cold have our own garden. I really liked this post and thank you for posting it. Come visit my class site at drivein4th

    1. Hi There,

      Yeah it looks good.

      That looks fun for little kids. also that looks like people will enjoy this CCA for many people to plant flowers and food too maybe i will do that because it looks so fun and it will looks eve better finished

      Are you exited for this?


  4. That looks very interesting, and I know that the year 1's are doing it because my sisters doing it.

  5. A cottage garden sounds interesting. What flowers will you plant?