Information Reports - Fact Finding Mission

Last Tuesday we were learning about facts contained in information reports. To start this lesson we read a book on materials and their properties; each of us made our own notes.  Then we each shared one of our notes and went to write it down on a piece of paper and sort it into first piece to last.

After that thrilling note taking activity, it was time to move on to a small assessment on jotting down information on three different sheets with the titles: What we know, What we need to know and Where can we find information from?

For the What We Know section, we very excitingly jotted down what we knew about materials, their properties and so on. We worked in groups of three and took turns writing and giving ideas. As you can see in the first picture, we were able to express our ideas using diagrams and pictures to explain the learning.

Then we went onto part 2: What We Need To Know? This one was a bit harder because you had to think deeper and think what did you not know. So for this we switched writer and sat down to brainstorm some questions then we listed them like:
  1. Why do we use materials in our everyday life?
  1. Why do we use natural materials to make non-natural materials?
After that we had to think if we had covered questions in natural habitats, factories and so on and we kept inquiring into different topics on materials until we felt we had asked enough.

Finally, we moved on to Where Can We Find The Information From? So for this we thought of sources that could be used to find out our inquiries like the internet, a library, peers, and so on. We wrote all we thought we could get the information from and we went onto think about the origins of the materials and where they are produced as well as encouraging people to have reasons for their choices. Basically, anywhere or anybody you could get the information from, you should put on the list.

- Hugo

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